Liebwerk - Toothbrush

Kind to the planet

We have taken care to ensure that Liebwerk wooden toothbrushes are eco-friendly on all fronts. From the FSC-certified beech wood to the vegan plant-based wax finish on the handle and the recyclable cardboard packaging, we are proud to offer a nature-friendly toothbrush that adheres to the highest dental standards. By manufacturing our product in a local Swiss factory from local wood, we have reduced our carbon footprint by cutting down on the extensive transportation methods. Our toothbrush is respectful to your teeth and to the planet!

LiebWerk - Photomodel

Kind to your teeth

Say goodbye to plastic toothbrushes! Made with Swiss FSC-certified beech, Liebwerk wooden toothbrushes have soft bristles and rounded tips to keep your teeth clean, and enamel and gums healthy and safe. The wooden handles are treated with vegan plant-based wax to ensure smooth brushing experience at your lips and gum areas, protecting the wood from humidity at the same time. The high-quality nylon bristles bring the most thorough yet gentle cleaning care to your teeth. Your teeth deserve a treat!

LiebWerk - Forest

Kind to global forests

We acknowledge the responsibility of using wood to make our products. In keeping with our pledge to take care of our planet, we donate 5% of our sales to the forestry project run by WWF Switzerland – an environmental organization making a huge impact on the world. This allows us to directly address the impact of using local wood and support the protection of the green lungs of the planet worldwide. This enables us to both provide responsible and high-quality products and to benefit the planet simultaneously