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Wooden toothbrushes for young and old made from local wood, with a lot of love and one 100% environmentally friendly – that is Liebwerk.



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What is Liebwerk?

Yeah, so what is Liebwerk? Liebwerk is a philosophy – it means “Working with love” and “Created with love”.

Liebwerk produces daily products, especially wooden toothbrushes.  It is unbelievable that almost all our daily companions are mostly made of plastic and imported from all over the world. This is precisely the issue we want to fight against with Liebwerk.

Made in Switzerland

Local and renewable raw materials

Reducing plastic waste – for a sustainable lifestyle

Protecting environment – for future with future

What do we do?

Wooden toothbrushes - Swiss Made

We care about our teeth, we enjoy cherishing them and we love nature. So, what’s better for nature-loving tooth fairies than developing a locally manufactured, environmentally friendly wooden toothbrush? 

And to make all those who love smiling and biting happy, we came up with three different types of toothbrushes.

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SOFT toothbrush

For those with sensitive teeth and/or gums we recommend our SOFT model. The soft bristles ensure gentle and thorough cleaning. It almost feels as if you were petting your gums!

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RICINE toothbrush

For those who like it a little harder, we have a RICINE model. The medium castor oil-based bristles will please more energetic cleaners.

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KIDS toothbrush

For kids, or those who still feel like one, we got a super colorful KIDS toothbrush. It has the gentle bristles of our SOFT model and due to its smaller size, it’s perfect for little hands and mouths.

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Liebwerk Botancial Toothpaste

We have developed Liebwerk natural toothpaste for everyone who wants natural dental care. We have carefully chosen the ingredients and also used regional medicinal herbs. It cleans gently, protects and leave long-lasting fresh breath.

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Who are we?

Alem, Letizia and Lars – together we have been the driving force of Liebwerk since 2017. We live in Switzerland and this is where we produce our sustainable wooden toothbrushes for you.

We don’t need to repeat yet again how we love nature and enjoy taking care of our teeth. What needs to be mentioned, is that we put all this love into development of our Liebwerk wooden toothbrushes.

Here you can read how exactly we discovered that much love and passion for such an “ordinary” thing.

Get to know us

Our Blog

The creative minds of our team have written some great blog articles well worth reading. Want to learn more about the history of cleaning teeth or always wondered what’s inside of a toothpaste tube? Click here and have fun!

Toothbrush History

Ever wondered how our ancestors brushed their teeth? Did they even brush? Well, the history and evolution of toothbrush is quite fascinating. In this section we will cover some interesting facts and the story of evolution of the toothbrush; how it has evolved from a mere tree twig to an electronic apparatus.

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Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions caused by an individual or an organization by their activities of driving cars, using electricity etc. But why do we need to reduce it?

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Where can you buy the products?

You can buy our wooden toothbrushes in various online shops, and chances are that one is already waiting for you at a bio-shop around the corner.

Our shop finder will help you to find your way to the closest Liebwerk toothbrush and dental care products in your area.

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