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SOFT toothbrush

Sensitive gums, but yet you want to brush your teeth with passion and without any hesitation?
Then our wooden toothbrush with soft bristles is the right choice for you. Curious to learn more about this great piece?

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RICINE toothbrush

This toothbrush is a highlight! Why? Its medium bristles are based on castor oil, which is a great mineral oil-free alternative to conventional nylon. Want to learn more?

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KIDS toothbrush

Funny and colorful, these are our toothbrushes for your kids. The beautiful colors combined with cute animal engravings and soft bristles are designed to make teeth cleaning routine of your kids a blast! Do you want to take a closer look at this wooden toothbrush?

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Local and environmentally conscious

Our wooden toothbrushes are entirely manufactured in Switzerland, more precisely in Toggenburg. Even the beech wood comes from there. This is how we avoid long transport routes to reduce the CO2 footprint of our production to a minimum.

Also, the beech wood we use is FSC-certified, which guarantees that it comes from ecologically and socially managed forests.

The processed wood for Liebwerk toothbrushes is hard, durable and has great bending properties. It is therefore in no way inferior to conventional plastic. On the contrary! The wooden handle is 100% biodegradable and has a plant-based wax coating. So, way cooler than those plastic toothbrushes!

3 engravings – so that nothing goes wrong

Maybe you have already spotted our different engravings on the pictures. They are not only beautiful, but also help avoiding any confusion in the toothbrush cup. The whole family can use our wooden toothbrushes without fearing that the one who had an extra portion of aioli for dinner accidentally uses your precious toothbrush!

Our engravings reflect the diversity and beauty of nature and represent three climate zones with different trees thereof. When brushing your teeth, close your eyes and feel the salty sea breeze under a tropical palm, a dreamy shadow of Mediterranean deciduous forest or a bitterish smell of a frosty conifer in the North.

Package free? Almost!

Of course, we’ve thought of the eternal topic of annoying packaging. A toothbrush obviously needs to be packed, and a 100% recyclable cardboard safeguards hygiene and integrity of each. Did you know that cardboard recycling conserves energy and natural resources and also reduces waste and pollution?

Waste disposal can be fun

Just as the packaging, the wooden toothbrushes also need to be disposed after about two months of use. Simply break off the head and dispose it in the household waste. The handle is 100% biodegradable and can be composted or be the object of your creativity! Either way, it receives second life as compost for soil amendment, as a resource for heat, electricity and fuel production, or as a decorative object.


Environmental protection - for a better future

The sustainable and responsible use of natural resources is the cornerstone of our philosophy. That’s why we donate 5% of all our proceeds to WWF Switzerland.

WWF is one of the world’s largest environmental organizations that does exactly what is important to us. It’s committed to health and environmental projects locally and worldwide.

We chose the Rainforest project of WWF Switzerland, which is dedicated to protection and preservation of tropical rainforests and is committed to sustainable forestry worldwide which exactly meets our objections.

Tropical rainforests cover merely 7% of the earth’s surface, but are home to 50% of all animal and plant species worldwide. They also regulate the climate, protect soil from erosion, and are a vital source of timber, medicinal plants, food and other resources.

The aim of the WWF Rainforest project is to ensure protection and sustainable use of these resources. The project supports, for example, sustainable use of timber and reforestation in Madagascar, introduction of efficient cooking stoves in China and motivates local producers to compensate for CO2 emissions.

So, when chosing our lovingly manufactured and environmentally conscious wooden toothbrushes, you help us and the WWF Switzerland to protect the rainforest!

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