Our RICINE toothbrush stands for sustainable dental care as its medium bristles are based on castor oil. It is available with three different engravings.

The RICINE toothbrush is manufactured without a drop of mineral oil – its bristles are based on castor oil instead.

The rounded medium bristles ensure thorough cleaning and prevent unwanted damage to enamel and irritation of the gums. The plant-based wax coating gives the wood a smooth finish and a beautiful look. It also prevents irritation of the mouth and gums. Last but not least, the coating protects wood from humidity, increasing the lifespan of your Liebwerk toothbrush.

We affirm that our wooden toothbrushes are of the highest quality and from now on you will leave the bathroom with the brightest smile! 

  • 3 unique engravings

  • Castor oil-based bristles

  • Guaranteed removal of plaque and food particles

  • Plant-based wax coating of the wooden handle

  • Reduction of plastic waste

Tips and tricks

Yes, using a toothbrush shouldn’t be too difficult, but we do have a few valuable tips to extend the life of your wooden toothbrush:


Dry the wooden handle after use and protect it from humidity


If you wish, you can treat the wooden handle with your favorite vegetable oil from time to time, for example, sunflower or olive oil. It keeps the wood smooth for longer and further protects it from humidity.


After two months of use, the Liebwerk wooden toothbrush should be disposed. Break off the head and dispose it in the household waste, the handle can be reused or simply end up in organic waste, you choose.