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Liebwerk Botanical Toothpaste

Is of a tender yellow colour and as soft as a soufflé with a wonderfully fresh herbal taste. Dental care becomes an experience! It goes without saying that we do not use synthetic materials, but instead rely on regional herbs and vitamins. Vitamins in toothpaste? Here you can find out more about the ingredients and their effects.

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Local and environmentally conscious

Natural – thoroughly

Our toothpaste stands for natural protection of teeth, tooth enamel and gums.

Natural dental care is all well and good, but can herbal ingredients successfully replace the artificial ones?
Yes, of course!

In production of our toothpaste, we refrain from using synthetic fragrances, artificial dyes and preservatives, propellants or thickening agents.

Packaging? – 95% natural

Environmentally friendly packaging is very important to us. That is why we use a wood-based PICEA™ tube for our toothpaste.

For over 95%, PICEA™ wood tube consists of renewable materials: in addition to the 10% spruce wood content, another 85% is sugar-based. Of course, the wooden tube is food-safe and recyclable (certified!) and scores with a CO2 balance that is more than 40% better than a conventional PE tube.

Environmental protection - for a better future

The sustainable and responsible use of natural resources is the cornerstone of our philosophy. That’s why we donate 5% of all our proceeds to WWF Switzerland.

WWF is one of the world’s largest environmental organizations that does exactly what is important to us. It’s committed to health and environmental projects locally and worldwide.

We chose the Rainforest project of WWF Switzerland, which is dedicated to protection and preservation of tropical rainforests and is committed to sustainable forestry worldwide which exactly meets our objections.

Tropical rainforests cover merely 7% of the earth’s surface, but are home to 50% of all animal and plant species worldwide. They also regulate the climate, protect soil from erosion, and are a vital source of timber, medicinal plants, food and other resources.

The aim of the WWF Rainforest project is to ensure protection and sustainable use of these resources. The project supports, for example, sustainable use of timber and reforestation in Madagascar, introduction of efficient cooking stoves in China and motivates local producers to compensate for CO2 emissions.

So, when chosing our lovingly manufactured and environmentally conscious wooden toothbrushes, you help us and the WWF Switzerland to protect the rainforest!

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